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Metaverse Alliances
4 min readMay 22, 2022

“Metaverse Alliances: The bear market playbook” is the name of this quarter’s community update, which includes key decisions and main points of focus during the shaky markets.

  • Mental compass recalibration

As a core value in M.A., we believe that bear markets like a stormy sea, make the greatest sailors.

The roaring waves and all the uncertainty in global markets often act as mandatory checkpoints for us to pause, review, and evaluate our options, decisions, and priorities. which is not only for markets but for life in general.

Hence, our mental compass recalibration and mental health, in general, come of utmost importance for understanding the long-term crypto-market playbook.

  • Social Media

Engagement usually collapses during bear markets. Tourists will consider crypto as dead and abandon it as there is not a lot of “get rich quick" schemes available.

At the same time, we will face a human capital shortage in the environment, as there are not a lot of financial incentives available for those who can contribute.

As a result, we will position ourselves accordingly and implement a minimal strategy. We won’t stride on user engagement tactics for now. To layout a clear picture for our social media crew, we will preserve the team’s current state and temporarily halt expansion.

  • Finance

We will pursue a defensive strategy on the financial side; Trying to minimize the costs and growth rate. The portfolio will be dollarized to the extent possible and not a lot of investment ventures will be explored. The overall purpose is to stay solvent and keep moving.

  • Community Management

During market panics and frustrating downward/sideway cycles, people tend to leave crypto. However, Builders and the WAGMI crew won’t go anywhere. They have seen this before and realize that crypto will rise again from the ashes.

We believe that the community is the most value-generating asset in web.3, therefore, we will continue to engage our community on web.3 topics and expand with the help of long-term players as always. This is the main mission of MA and won’t stop based on how the environment evolves or the kind of cycles we go through.

  • Networking

Bear markets are the best time for collaborations and partnerships. Even the sophisticated players who stay in the market are in the same condition as us. They are not operating in a different market. Interestingly enough, they are eagerly looking for non-monetary value creation possibilities as well.

At the same time, as guests and tourists leave the space and all the noise and the dust settle down, it is the best time to connect with long-term players and value creators. Those are the ones that will create the next wave of products and communities in web.3.

Right now is the best time to get to learn more from people in this category.

  • Fundraising

This is the worst time to raise capital. The valuations are low, and the VCs are taking a break from investing. They will haggle and negotiate every penny they invest. Let’s be honest, investors will run for the fences and invest in risk-off assets, not the riskiest asset class possible.

However, for the M.A. business development team, this will be an important function to work on. We need to educate ourselves on the VCs in the ecosystem, how to connect with them, how to negotiate term sheets, and VC terminology: convertible notes, SAFEs, KISS’es, etc. Hence, we will be prepared when they get back in the game.

  • Research

Research is the backbone of web.3 investments. We will continue to create and consume AAA-grade research available both in MA special working groups and in cooperation with our partners.

  • Legal and Compliance

As always, legal is the most controversial and a challenging gray area of web.3.

As it stands, Dubai is the capital of web.3 and this is the destination where we will register the company in. This is also the best time to explore DAO structure and build its infrastructure. We need to educate ourselves on this edge-of-technology area and seek and adopt the best mechanisms as it evolves.

  • DAO playground

A DAO is essentially a corporate governance structure built around crypto, which offers innovational capabilities and new incentive structures for communities and democratic organizations.

M.A. community started its first DAO ventures and studies back in mid-2021, which has now turned into an all-encompassing plan to engage with and utilize this unforeseen potential.


  • Axie-Maxies

Axie infinity has been the most important Sub-DAO of MA in the past year. It has created interesting cash flows and revenue generation opportunities for our community. We won’t abandon it. However, before diving deeper, we will be waiting for its game mechanics, tokenomics, and community to prove themselves as a sustainable web.3 ecosystem.

  • Arts & Design

This is one of the most emerging areas of the culture in web.3. The possibilities are immense and the areas to explore are unlimited. Both on the NFTs and metaverse-side there are huge opportunities to grasp. We will continue to expand our network of artists and create educational and financial opportunities for them to explore.

  • Sorare

Sorare has become one of MA’s most robust Sub-DAOs in the past 6 months. We believe football has the biggest fan base in Iran and has the biggest community creation capability in the region. With World-cups right around the corner, we will continue to expand on NFT sports and grow our community, as well as our in-game assets portfolio.



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