Metaverse Alliances Partners with Nova Guild Games!

Nova Guild Games, the first homegrown gaming guild in the Russian-speaking space, has partnered with Metaverse Alliances, a gaming-as-a-service community. This partnership will allow for the development of new gaming platforms and enhance player experiences.

“We are very excited to be working with Metaverse Alliances,” said Aleksei Kolesnikov, Founder and CEO of NGG, “they have shown themselves to be forward-thinking and innovative in their approach to blockchain technology.” Through this partnership, both companies aim to provide unique gaming opportunities that will benefit players worldwide.

“It’s been our vision from day one to provide players with immersive experiences to empower individuals through community and participation,” said Nima Dehghan & Amir Mohtashami, Co-founders of Metaverse Alliances. This partnership will help us reach those goals.”

About NGG

Nova Guild Games is the first Russian-speaking decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in the Play-to-Earn industry. Their main objective is to unite all participants of the Play-to-Earn market in the world and make the industry transparent and available for everyone.

NGG has 500+ scholars, 14,000+ subscribers on their official Telegram channel, 1000+ Discord server members, and 500+ subscribers on their Youtube channel.

For more details:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Discord | YouTube | Medium

About Metaverse Alliances

Metaverse Alliances is a gaming-as-a-service community that utilizes the revolution of blockchain technology that has emerged on the Web.3.

NFTs & DeFi have created unprecedented opportunities in the Metaverse.

By utilizing these emerging innovations, we give the power to the community in both ownership and earning.

For more details:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram



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