Metaverse Alliances Partners with Design Meta Labs!

Metaverse Alliances
2 min readJul 3, 2022

Design Meta Labs, a large team of clients gathered around the world in February 2022 to bring a new direction to Architecture, Design, and Metaverse, has partnered with Metaverse Alliances art and design sub-DAO, a web.3 community. This partnership will allow for the development of new assets and experiences inside different metaverse platforms.

“We are very excited to be working with Metaverse Alliances,” said, Agit Sağın Founder and CEO of Design Meta Labs, “As DML, the main goal of the company is to provide digital integration of our clients by supporting them in the creation of the designs and digital spaces needed for Metaverse. Through this partnership, both companies aim to provide unique content creation opportunities that will benefit artists everywhere.”

“It’s been our vision from day one to bring digital artists and metaverse architects together to empower them in their web.3 journey through community and participation,” said Nima Dehghan & Amir Mohtashami, Co-founders of Metaverse Alliances. Partnership with Design Meta Labs will help us reach those goals.

About DML

They are a large decentralized team gathered around the world to bring a new direction to Architecture, Design, and Metaverse.


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About Metaverse Alliances

Metaverse Alliances is a community-as-a-service community that utilizes the blockchain technology revolution that has emerged on the Web.3.

NFTs & DeFi have created unprecedented opportunities in the Metaverse.

By utilizing these emerging innovations, we give power to the community in both ownership and earning.

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